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Table 3 Primers used for PCR amplification and sequencing

From: Haplowebs as a graphical tool for delimiting species: a revival of Doyle's "field for recombination" approach and its application to the coral genus Pocillopora in Clipperton

Marker Primer name Purpose Sequence Reference
ITS2 (nuclear) ITSc2-5 PCR + sequencing 5'-AGCCAGCTGCGATAAGTAGTG-3' [42]
ITS2 (nuclear) R28S1 PCR + sequencing 5'-GCTGCAATCCCAAACAACCC-3' [42]
ATPSβ (nuclear) ATPSβf5 PCR 5'-CCAAGGGTGGNAARATHGGT-3' this article
ATPSβ (nuclear) ATPSβr2 PCR + sequencing 5'-GGTTCGTTCATCTGACCATACAC-3' [26]
ATPSβ (nuclear) ATPSβf2 sequencing 5'-TGAAAGACAAGAGCTCCAAGGTA-3' [26]
ATPSβ (nuclear) ATPSβf4 sequencing 5'-GAGCTGGTGTTGGAAAGACTGT-3' this article
ORF (mitochondrial) FATP6.1 PCR + sequencing 5'-TTTGGGSATTCGTTTAGCAG-3' [26]
ORF (mitochondrial) RORF PCR + sequencing 5'-SCCAATATGTTAAACASCATGTCA-3' [26]
ORF (mitochondrial) FORF sequencing 5'-GTGCGCCAGCATTCTATTG-3' this article
ORF (mitochondrial) RORF2 sequencing 5'-TAGAATGCTGGCGCACATAA-3' this article
CR (mitochondrial) FNAD5.2deg PCR + sequencing 5'-GCCYAGRGGTGTTGTTCAAT-3' [26]
CR (mitochondrial) RCOI3deg PCR + sequencing 5'-CGCAGAAAGCTCBARTCGTA-3' [54]
CR (mitochondrial) FNC1 sequencing 5'-GGGGTGAGATGAAGAGGTGA-3' this article
CR (mitochondrial) RNC1 sequencing 5'-CGGGTGCCACTATGTTTTCT-3' this article