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Table 3 Costs in Daphnia magna.

From: Successfully resisting a pathogen is rarely costly in Daphnia magna

# Inducible Cost? Challenge Environment Observations
1 age first reproduction, size, survivala, fecunditya various strains and doses low food a only for one Daphnia clone (GG3)/Pasteuria strain combination at high dose
2 age first reproduction, survival, fecundity multiple exposures low food  
3 fecundity, survival single or double dose various T°, low food  
4 fecundity, survival single or double dose normal one Daphnia clone only (GG3)
5 survival single or double dose (no control) normal many genotypes (wild-caught Daphnia)
  1. For each experiment (referred to by their number: #), the finding (bolded) or absence (normal) of inducible costs of immunity in response to exposure is indicated for the traits tested. Details of the type of challenge and experimental environment for each experiment are also given.