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Table 1 Percentage and Conservation Scores for MER53-derived hsa-mir-1302 Members Embedded in Repeats

From: Origin and evolution of a placental-specific microRNA family in the human genome

miRNA Gene Repeat Percent Score
Coordinate miRNA Coordinate MER53   
chr1:20229-20366(+) miR1302-2 chr1:20206-20395(-) MER53 100% 0.06
chr2:114057006-114057143(-) miR1302-3 chr2:114056977-114057166(+) MER53 100% 0.15
chr2:207842244-207842393(-) miR1302-4 chr2:207842230-207842416(-) MER53 100% 0.2
chr7:18133368-18133457(-) miR1302-6 chr7:18133317-18133525(-) MER53 100% 0.02
chr8:142865510-142865581(-) miR1302-7 chr8:142865462-142865600(+) MER53 100% 0.01
chr9:20144-20281(+) miR1302-2 chr9:20121-20310(-) MER53 100% 0.06
chr9:99165657-99165784(-) miR1302-8 chr9:99165632-99165820(-) MER53 100% 0.02
chr12:111617222-111617364(-) miR1302-1 chr12:111617205-111617395(-) MER53 100% 0.09
chr15:100318185-100318322(-) miR1302-2 chr15:100318156-100318345(+) MER53 100% 0.11
chr19:22973-23110(+) miR1302-2 chr19:22950-23139(-) MER53 100% 0.06
chr20:48664580-48664729(-) miR1302-5 chr20:48664721-48665024(+) AluSx1 99.33% 0
   chr20:48664577-48664719(+) MER53   
  1. miR1302: An abbreviation of hsa-mir-1302
  2. Coordinate: The genomic location of the miRNAs and repeats in the hg18 genome assembly
  3. Percent: The coverage of the MER53 element in the pre-miRNA
  4. Score: The average conservation score of the pre-miRNA