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Table 3 Robinson-Foulds distance between pairs of trees estimated using a range of methods

From: On the artefactual parasitic eubacteria clan in conditioned logdet phylogenies: heterotachy and ortholog identification artefacts as explanations

CL/SHOT 30 74 89
CL non-phylo/SHOT 22 60 58
CL phylo/SHOT 32 n/a n/a
CL/RNA 44 60 63
CL non-phylo/RNA 46 45 62
CL phylo/RNA 46 n/a n/a
SHOT/RNA 42 82 74
  1. CL (conditioned logdet); CL non-phylo (conditioned logdet with non-phylogenetic mixture model); CL phylo (conditioned logdet with phylogenetic mixture model); SHOT (SHOT distances and BIONJ); RNA (16S rRNA and PHYML). Distances marked n/a were not calculated because the phylogenetic mixture model was only applied to the COG dataset.