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Table 4 Paired-sites tests of alternative hypotheses of pterioidean sister group.

From: Molecular phylogeny of pearl oysters and their relatives (Mollusca, Bivalvia, Pterioidea)

Alternative topologies Paired-sites tests P values
H1 H2 KH (ML) Templeton KH (MP)
Pin(Pte/Ost) Ost(Pte/Pin) 0.526 0.3248 0.3248
Pin(Pte/Ost) Pte(Pin/Ost) 0.081 0.0243* 0.0243*
Ost(Pte/Pin) Pte(Pin/Ost) 0.200 0.1985 0.1986
  1. The significance of the length difference between alternative hypotheses of relationships (H1 and H2) were evaluated using the Kishino-Hasegawa (KH) test under parsimony (MP) and maximum likelihood (ML), and the Wilcoxon signed-ranks test (Templeton). * = significant difference, P < 0.05. Other abbreviations: Ost, Ostreoidea; Pin, Pinnoidea; Pte, Pterioidea.