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Table 2 Information on the material generated for the present study

From: On the origin of Acochlidia and other enigmatic euthyneuran gastropods, with implications for the systematics of Heterobranchia

Taxon Family Locality Museums Nr. DNA Bank voucher Nr.
Hedylopsis spiculifera Hedylopsidae Istria Croatia/Corse France, Mediterranean Sea ZSM Mol 20080951/ZSM Mol 20080955 AB35081816 AB35081817
Hedylopsis ballantinei Hedylopsidae Sinai, Egypt, Red Sea ZSM Mol 20090244 AB34858170
Pseudunela sp. Pseudunelidae Mounparap Island, Vanuatu, Pacific ZSM Mol 20080393 AB35081809
Strubellia paradoxa Acochlidiidae Ambon, Indonesia, Indo-Pacific Berlin Moll 193944 AB34858174
Acochlidium fijiense Acochlidiidae Vitilevu, Fiji, Pacific ZSM Mol 20080063 AB34404244
Asperspina sp. Asperspinidae Kamtschatka, Russia, North Pacific ZSM Mol 20090171 AB35081833
Microhedyle glandulifera Microhedylidae Istria, Croatia, Mediterranean Sea ZSM Mol 20081019 AB35081799
Pontohedyle milaschewitchii Microhedylidae Istria. Croatia, Mediterranean Sea ZSM Mol 20080054/ZSM Mol 20080925 AB34404241
Paraganitus ellynnae Ganitidae Guadalcanal, Solomons, Pacific ZSM Mol 20080170 AB34404203
Gascoignella nukuli Platyhedylidae Pak Phanang Bay, Thailand, Gulf of Thailand ZSM Mol 20090182 AB344011928
Volvatella viridis Volvatellidae Bonotsu, Kagoshima, Japan, Pacific - -
Aitengidae sp. Aitengidae Hisamatsu, Miyako Island, Okinawa, Japan, Pacific - -
Philine exigua Philinidae Guadalcanal, Solomons, Pacific ZSM Mol 20080752 AB34401927
Philinoglossa praelongata Philinoglossidae Istria, Croatia, Mediterranean Sea ZSM Mol 20080917 AB34500041
  1. The table lists the species names, collecting localities, reference numbers of museum vouchers (ZSM = Bavarian State Collection for Zoology; Berlin = Museum of Natural History, Berlin) and DNA vouchers deposited in the DNA Bank of the ZSM.