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Table 1 Occurrence of Andricus and Cynips gallwasp hosts for Megastigmus stigmatizan s within the Western Palaearctic.

From: Community impacts of anthropogenic disturbance: natural enemies exploit multiple routes in pursuit of invading herbivore hosts

host code host species Iberia central Europe eastern Mediterranean northern Europe
1 A. caputmedusae   yes yes  
2 A. coriarius yes yes yes  
3 A. coronatus   yes yes  
4 A. curtisii   yes yes  
5 A. dentimitratus yes yes yes  
6 A. grossulariae yes yes yes invader
7 A. hungaricus   yes   
8 A. infectorius   yes yes  
9 A. kollari yes yes yes invader
10 A. lucidus   yes   invader
11 A. megalucidus    yes  
12 A. pictus yes    
13 A. quercuscalicis   yes   invader
14 A. quercustozae yes yes   invader
15 A. sadeghii    yes  
16 A. sternlichti   yes yes  
17 C. longiventris   yes yes native
18 C. quercusfolii   yes yes native
  1. All galls attacked are induced on Quercus section Quercus oaks by asexual generations. Host codes are used for hosts in Additional file 1.