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Table 2 Eukaryotic genomes containing FADS-like proteins (1)

From: Evolutionary divergence of chloroplast FAD synthetase proteins

Type of protein Genomes N
FADS-type I Anopheles gambiae
Babesia bovis
Caenorhabditis japonica strain DF5081
Caernorhabditis remanei strain PB4641
Culex pipiens quienquefasciatus
Plasmodium knowlesi
Trichoplax adhaerens
Paulinella chromatophora
RFK Most eukaryotic genomes 658
Plant-like FADS
Micromonas pusilla
Micromonas sp. RCC299
Plant-like FADS
FHy/RFK (2)
Land plant genomes
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Coccomyxa sp.
Ostreococcus lucimarinus
87 (3)
  1. 1 Check details in section "Sequence analysis" of Methods.
  2. 2 FMN hydrolase fused to RFK in ref. 29
  3. 3 Includes unigenes compiled from ESTs.