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Table 1 Generalized Anoplura host associations*

From: Evolutionary history of mammalian sucking lice (Phthiraptera: Anoplura)

Louse Family Louse Genus
(Number of Species)
Common Names of Major Host Groups
(Host Orders)
Echinophthiriidae Antarctophthirus (6) Seals, Walrus (Carnivora)
  Echinophthirius (1) Earless Seals (Carnivora)
  Latagophthirus (1) Otters (Carnivora)
  Lepidophthirus (2) Earless Seals (Carnivora)
  Proechinophthirus (2) Sea Lions (Carnivora)
Enderleinellidae Atopophthirus (2) Giant Flying Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Enderleinellus (45) Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Microphthirus (1) Flying Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Phthirunculus (1) Giant Flying Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Werneckia (5) Squirrels (Rodentia)
Haematopinidae Haematopinus (21) Artiodactyls, Equids (Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla)
Hamophthiriidae Hamophthirius (1) Colugos (Dermoptera)
Hoplopleuridae Ancistroplax (5) Shrews (Soricomorpha)
  Haematopinoides (1) Moles (Soricomorpha)
  Hoplopleura (141) Rodents, Pikas (Rodentia, Lagomorpha)
  Paradoxophthirus (1) Asian Rock Squirrel (Rodentia)
  Pterophthirus (5) Spiny Rats (Rodentia)
  Schizophthirus (9) Dormice (Rodentia)
Hybophthiridae Hybophthirus (1) Aardvarks (Tubulidentata)
Linognathidae Linognathus (52) Artiodactyls (Artiodactyla), Canids (Carnivora)
  Prolinognathus (8) Hyraxes (Hyracoidea)
  Solenopotes (9) Bovids, Cervids (Artiodactyla)
Microthoraciidae Microthoracius (4) Camels, Lamas (Artiodactyla)
Neolinognathidae Neolinognathus (2) Elephant Shrews (Macroscelidea)
Pecaroecidae Pecaroecus (1) Peccaries (Artiodactyla)
Pedicinidae Pedicinus (14) New World Primates (Primates)
Pediculidae Pediculus (3) Old World Primates (Primates)
Polyplacidae Abrocomaphthirus (2) Chinchilla Rats (Rodentia)
  Ctenophthirus (1) Spiny Rats (Rodentia)
  Cuyana (1) Chinchillas (Rodentia)
  Docophthirus (1) Tree Shrews (Scandentia)
  Eulinognathus (27) Rodents (Rodentia)
  Fahrenholzia (12) Heteromyid Rodents (Rodentia)
  Galeophthirus (1) Cavies (Rodentia)
  Haemodipsus (7) Rabbits and Hares (Lagomorpha)
  Johnsonpthirus (5) Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Lagidophthirus (1) Chinchillas (Rodentia)
  Lemurpediculus (2) Dwarf Lemurs (Primates)
  Lemurphthirus (3) Bush Babies (Primates)
  Linognathoides (11) Squirrels (Rodentia)
  Mirophthirus (1) Pygmy Dormice (Rodentia)
  Neohaematopinus (31) Squirrels, Murids (Rodentia)
  Phthirpediculus (3) Lemurs (Primates)
  Polyplax (78) Rodents, Shrews (Rodentia, Soricomorpha)
  Proenderleinellus (1) Pouched Rats (Rodentia)
  Sathrax (1) Tree Shrews (Scandentia)
  Scipio (3) Cane, Dassie Rats (Rodentia)
  Typhlomyophthirus (1) Pygmy Dormice (Rodentia)
Pthiridae Pthirus (2) Old World Primates (Primates)
Ratemiidae Ratemia (3) Equids (Perissodactyla)
  1. *Host associations and number of louse species are based on Durden and Musser [23, 24] and recent publications.