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Table 5 Proteins Specific for the Clade C Cyanobacteria (Synechococcus/Prochlorococcus)

From: Signature proteins for the major clades of Cyanobacteria

Protein Function (length) Protein Function (length)
NP_874427/Pro0033 predicted membrane protein (87) YP_001483584 Hypothetical (114)
NP_874433/Pro0039 predicted membrane protein (203) YP_001483784 Hypothetical (60)
NP_874460/Pro0066 predicted membrane protein (128) YP_001483792+ Hypothetical (116)
NP_874461/Pro0067 Hypothetical (154) YP_001483839 Hypothetical(75)
NP_874496/Pro0102 Hypothetical (121) YP_001484024 Hypothetical (67)
NP_874497/Pro0103 Hypothetical (76) YP_001484070 Hypothetical (96)
NP_874503/Pro0109 Hypothetical (127) YP_001484558 Hypothetical(70)
NP_874769/Pro0375 Hypothetical (128) YP_001484735 Hypothetical(136)
NP_874827/Pro0433 Hypothetical (148) YP_001484929 Hypothetical (89)
NP_874971/Pro0578 Hypothetical (104) YP_001484936 Hypothetical (237)
NP_875238/Pro0846 Hypothetical (135) YP_001485057 Hypothetical(88)
NP_875250/Pro0858 Hypothetical (116) YP_001485093 Hypothetical (172)
NP_875290/Pro0898 Hypothetical (75) YP_001485151+ Hypothetical (139)
NP_875352/Pro0960 Hypothetical (76) NP_875191/Pro0799* Hypothetical (234)
NP_875454/Pro1062 Hypothetical (189) NP_875240/Pro0848* membrane protein/(99)
NP_875462/Pro1070 dihydroneopterin aldolase (127) NP_875270/Pro0878* Hypothetical (62)
NP_875555/Pro1163 predicted protein family PM-1 (67) YP_001483575* Hypothetical(71)
NP_875594/Pro1202 Hypothetical (81) YP_001483809*+ Hypothetical(116)
NP_875635/Pro1243 Hypothetical (193) YP_001483828* Hypothetical(122)
NP_876135/Pro1744 Hypothetical (206) YP_001483924* Hypothetical(502)
NP_876152/Pro1761 Hypothetical (98) NP_875468/Pro1076* Hypothetical (88)
NP_876219/Pro1828 Hypothetical (100) NP_875511/Pro1119* Predicted protein with signal (144)
YP_001010165 Hypothetical(121) NP_875732/Pro1341* Hypothetical (88)
YP_001483235 type II secretion system (149) NP_876151/Pro1760* Hypothetical (152)
YP_001483304 Hypothetical (100) NP_876229/Pro1838* Hypothetical (171)
YP_001483312 Hypothetical (87) YP_001483988* Hypothetical(70)
YP_001483445 Hypothetical(72) YP_001484266* Hypothetical(195)
YP_001483588 TIR domain-containing protein (82) YP_001483537* possible Pollen allergen (139)
YP_001483568 hypothetical (102) YP_001483448 Hypothetical (42)
YP_001484489 hypothetical (85) YP_001484000 hypothetical (80)
(b) Proteins Specific for Clade C which are missing in Low B/A ecotype Prochlorococcus strains #
NP_875075/Pro0683* Predicted protein family PM-3 (178) NP_875154/Pro0762 Hypothetical (127)
NP_874434/Pro0040* Hypothetical (119) NP_875509/Pro1117 Hypothetical (181)
NP_874631/Pro0237 Hypothetical (102) NP_875611/Pro1219* Predicted protein family PM-3 (195)
NP_875013/Pro0621* predicted protein family PM-3 (167) NP_876129/Pro1738* Predicted dehydrogenase (273)
  1. * - Missing in 1-2 species
  2. +Also present in Synechococcous elongatus
  3. Several of these proteins are also present in Cyanobium sp. PCC7001 and Paulinella chromatophora
  4. #Low B/A ecotype clade is comprised of the following Prochlorococcus strains: Pro. marinus AS9601, Pro. marinus MIT9215, Pro. marinus MIT9301, Pro. marinus MIT9312, Pro. marinus MIT9515, Pro. marinus CCMP1986