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Table 1 Proportions of different types of offspring produced by Wolbachia infected or uninfected females

From: Intragenomic conflict in populations infected by Parthenogenesis Inducing Wolbachia ends with irreversible loss of sexual reproduction

  Infected female (Fecundity = ω) Uninfected mother (Fecundity = 1)
Offspring type Fertilized eggs (x) Unfertilized eggs (1-x) Fertilized eggs (x) Unfertilized eggs (1-x)
Infected daughter ωxα ω(1-x)α 0 0
Uninfected daughter ωx(1- α) 0 x 0
Uninfected son 0 ω(1-x)(1- α) 0 1-x
  1. The relative offspring production of the infected females compared to uninfected females is ω.The transmission efficiency of the Wolbachia from infected mother to offspring is α and the egg fertilization rate is x. We assume that all females both infected and uninfected have been inseminated.