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Table 1 Character state coding used by BMGE

From: BMGE (Block Mapping and Gathering with Entropy): a new software for selection of phylogenetic informative regions from multiple sequence alignments

Nucleotide 1-letter code   
Adenosine A   
Guanine G   
Cytosine C   
Thymine T   
Degenerated nucleotide 1-letter code Meaning  
Methyl M A or C  
Purine R A or G  
Weak (3 H bonds) W A or T  
Strong (3 H bonds) S C or G  
Pyrimidine Y C or T  
Keto K G or T  
  B not A  
  D not C  
  H not G  
  V not T  
Any N or X one of the 4 nucleotides  
Amino acid 1-letter code   Degenerated codon
3-letter code
Alanine A   GCX
Arginine R   MGX
Asparagine N   AAY
Aspartic acid D   GAY
Cysteine C   TGY
Glutamine Q   CAR
Glutamic acid E   GAR
Glycine G   GGX
Histidine H   CAY
Isoleucine I   ATH
Leucine L   YTX
Lysine K   AAR
Methionine M   ATG
Phenylalaline F   TTY
Proline P   CCX
Serine S   WSX
Threonine T   ACX
Tryptophan W   TGG
Thyrosine Y   TAY
Valine V   GTX
Degenerated amino acid 1-letter code Meaning Degenerated codon
3-letter code
Aspartate B N or D RAY
Glutamate Z Q or E SAR
Any X one of the 20 amino acids XXX