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Table 1 Number of vertebrae and condition of the lower jaw and pelvic fins in each species and subspecies of Polypteridae.

From: The mitochondrial phylogeny of an ancient lineage of ray-finned fishes (Polypteridae) with implications for the evolution of body elongation, pelvic fin loss, and craniofacial morphology in Osteichthyes

Species N. of vertebrae Jaw protrusion Pelvic fin
Erpetoichthys calabaricus 110-113 (111.5) Upper Absent
Polypterus ansorgii 57 Lower Present
P. bichir bichir 67 Lower Present
P. bichir katangae* ? Lower Present
P. bichir lapradei 60-62 (61) Lower Present
P. delhezi 55 Upper Present
P. endlicheri congicus 57 Lower Present
P. endlicheri endlicheri 53-57 (55) Lower Present
P. mokelembembe 56 Upper Present
P. ornatipinnis 56-60 (58) Upper Present
P. palmas palmas* 56-59 Upper Present
P. palmas buettikoferi 56-58 (57) Upper Present
P. palmas polli 50-56 (53) Upper Present
P. retropinnis 57-58 (57.5) Upper Present
P. senegalus meridionalis* ? Upper Present
P. senegalus senegalus 53-59 (56) Upper Present
P. teugelsi 63-65 (64) Upper Present
P. weeksii 57 Upper Present
  1. Values in parentheses are means of vertebral number used in the squared-change parsimony ancestral state reconstruction analyses. *Taxa not sampled in this study.