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Table 1 Samples used in this study.

From: Revisiting the taxonomy of the Rattini tribe: a phylogeny-based delimitation of species boundaries

Sample information     GenBank Accession Number
Laboratory sample number Field Identification Locality Voucher localisation Phylogenetic species Cyt b COI IRBP
MDZ10Mada Rattus rattus Madagascar   R1 HM217368 HM217495 HM217603
ratcosT820 Rattus rattus India   R1 HM217367 HM217498 HM217606
ratcosR12 Rattus rattus Oman   R1 HM217366 HM217496 HM217604
ratcosTE4264 Rattus rattus Tanzania   R1 HM217365 HM217497 HM217605
R4003 Rattus tanezumi Kalasin (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217436 HM217563 HM217673
R2953 Rattus tanezumi Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R7 HM217396 HM217525 HM217634
R2996 Rattus tanezumi Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R2 HM217398 HM217529 HM217636
R3122 Rattus tanezumi Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R2 HM217407 HM217537 HM217645
R3214 Rattus tanezumi Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R2 HM217410 HM217540 HM217648
R3573 Rattus tanezumi Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) KU R2 HM217430 HM217558 HM217667
R4016 Rattus tanezumi Phrae (Thailand) CBGP R2 HM217438 HM217565 HM217675
R4424 Rattus tanezumi Phrae (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217456 HM217582 HM217693
R4436 Rattus tanezumi Phrae (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217457 HM217583 HM217694
R5294 Rattus tanezumi Nan (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217466 HM217592 HM217704
R5296 Rattus tanezumi Nan (Thailand) CBGP R2 HM217467 HM217593 HM217705
L0100 Rattus tanezumi Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU R2 HM217475 HM217489 HM217712
L0194 Rattus tanezumi Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU R2 HM217480 HM217494 HM217717
R3029 Rattus tanezumi Bangkok (Thailand)   R3 HM217399 HM217530 HM217637
R1843 Rattus tanezumi Krabi (Thailand)   R3 HM217393 HM217524 HM217631
R1147 Rattus tanezumi Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   R3 HM217384 HM217515 HM217622
R1016 Rattus tanezumi Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   R3 HM217382 HM217513 HM217620
R1818 Rattus tanezumi Prachinburi (Thailand)   R3 HM217389 HM217520 HM217627
R2794 Rattus tanezumi Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R3 HM217394 HM217526 HM217632
R0169 Rattus tanezumi Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R3 HM217372 HM217503 HM217610
CB0028 Rattus tanezumi Veal Renh (Cambodia) MahaU R3 HM217363 HM217485 HM217601
R1833 Rattus tanezumi Nakhon Sri Thammarat (Thailand)   R5 HM217391 HM217522 HM217629
R4402 Rattus losea Loei (Thailand) MahaU R4 HM217454 HM217581 HM217691
R3484 Rattus losea Loei (Thailand)   R4 HM217421 HM217550 HM217659
R4230 Rattus losea Loei (Thailand) CBGP R4 HM217446 HM217573 HM217683
R1015 Rattus losea Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   R4 HM217381 HM217512 HM217619
R4203 Rattus losea Phrae (Thailand) CBGP R4 HM217443 HM217570 HM217680
R3510 Rattus losea Phrae (Thailand)   R4 HM217423 HM217552 HM217661
R0237 Rattus losea Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R4 HM217374 HM217505 HM217612
R0238 Rattus losea Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R4 HM217375 HM217506 HM217613
R1805 Rattus exulans Bangkok (Thailand)   R8 HM217388 HM217519 HM217626
R4004 Rattus exulans Kalasin (Thailand) MahaU R8 HM217437 HM217564 HM217674
R3224 Rattus exulans Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R8 HM217411 HM217541 HM217649
R4103 Rattus exulans Loei (Thailand) MahaU R8 HM217440 HM217567 HM217677
R1055 Rattus exulans Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   R8 HM217383 HM217514 HM217621
R1836 Rattus exulans Nakhon Sri Thammarat (Thailand)   R8 HM217392 HM217523 HM217630
R4140 Rattus exulans Phrae (Thailand) MahaU R8 HM217441 HM217568 HM217678
R0284 Rattus exulans Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R8 HM217377 HM217508 HM217615
R2795 Rattus exulans Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R8 HM217395 HM217527 HM217633
R3520 Rattus exulans Sakhon Nakhon (Thailand) MahiU R8 HM217424 HM217553 HM217662
R3563 Rattus exulans Surat Thani (Thailand) KU R8 HM217428 HM217557 HM217666
R5349 Rattus exulans Nan (Thailand) CBGP R8 HM217470 HM217595 HM217703
R5447 Rattus exulans Nan (Thailand) CBGP R8 HM217472 HM217596 HM217708
CB0001 Rattus argentiventer Veal Renh (Cambodia) MahaU R6 HM217362 HM217484 HM217600
CB0104 Rattus argentiventer Veal Renh (Cambodia) MahaU R6 HM217364 HM217486 HM217602
R3087 Rattus andamanensis Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   R7 HM217403 HM217533 HM217641
R4377 Rattus andamanensis Loei (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217452 HM217579 HM217689
R3548 Rattus andamanensis Phrae (Thailand) KU R2 HM217426 HM217555 HM217664
R4481 Rattus andamanensis Phrae (Thailand) MahaU R2 HM217458 HM217584 HM217695
R0130 Rattus andamanensis Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R2 HM217371 HM217502 HM217608
R2976 Rattus andamanensis Nakhon Pathom (Thailand)   R3 HM217397 HM217528 HM217635
R3565 Rattus norvegicus Nakhon Pathom (Thailand) MahiU R9 HM217429 - -
R0223 Rattus norvegicus Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R9 HM217373 HM217504 HM217611
R0115 Rattus norvegicus Ratchaburi (Thailand)   R9 HM217370 HM217501 HM217609
RNO 032 Rattus norvegicus Cambodia   R9 HM217481 HM217499 -
L0180 Rattus nitidus Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU R10 HM217478 HM217492 HM217715
L0192 Rattus nitidus Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU R10 HM217479 HM217493 HM217716
R4188 Rattus sp. Phrae (Thailand) CBGP R3 HM217442 HM217569 HM217679
L0010 Rattus sp. Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU R10 HM217474 HM217488 HM217711
R0856 Bandicota indica Nakhon Pathom (Thailand)   R8 HM217379 HM217510 HM217617
R4001 Bandicota indica Kalasin (Thailand) MahaU B1 HM217435 - HM217672
R3189 Bandicota indica Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   B1 HM217408 HM217538 HM217646
R4265 Bandicota indica Loei (Thailand) CBGP B1 HM217447 HM217574 HM217684
R1006 Bandicota indica Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   B1 HM217380 HM217511 HM217618
R3521 Bandicota indica Phrae (Thailand) KU B1 HM217425 HM217554 HM217663
R0269 Bandicota indica Ratchaburi (Thailand)   B1 HM217376 HM217507 HM217614
R0304 Bandicota indica Ratchaburi (Thailand)   B1 HM217378 HM217509 HM217616
R5313 Bandicota indica Nan (Thailand) MahaU B1 HM217469 HM217594 HM217706
L0142 Bandicota indica Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU B1 HM217476 HM217490 HM217713
R4408 Bandicota indica Loei (Thailand) CBGP B2 HM217455 - HM217692
R1284 Bandicota savilei Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   B1 HM217386 HM217517 HM217624
R1822 Bandicota savilei Nakhon Pathom (Thailand)   B1 HM217390 HM217521 HM217628
R1797 Bandicota savilei Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   B2 HM217387 HM217518 HM217625
R1191 Bandicota savilei Nakhon Ratchasima (Thailand)   B2 HM217385 HM217516 HM217623
R3550 Bandicota savilei Phrae (Thailand) KU B2 HM217427 HM217556 HM217665
R0093 Bandicota sp. Ratchaburi (Thailand)   B2 HM217369 HM217500 HM217607
R3050 Berylmys berdmorei Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   Be1 HM217401 HM217532 HM217639
R4266 Berylmys berdmorei Loei (Thailand) CBGP Be1 HM217448 HM217575 HM217685
R3441 Berylmys berdmorei Loei (Thailand) MahiU Be1 HM217418 HM217547 HM217656
R5310 Berylmys berdmorei Nan (Thailand) MahaU Be1 HM217468 - HM217709
L0006 Berylmys berdmorei Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU Be1 HM217473 HM217487 HM217710
R3618 Berylmys berdmorei Phrae (Thailand) KU Be1 HM217432 HM217560 HM217669
R3603 Berylmys berdmorei Phrae (Thailand) KU Be1 HM217431 HM217559 HM217668
R4400 Berylmys bowersi Loei (Thailand) MahaU Be2, a HM217453 HM217580 HM217690
R3425 Berylmys bowersi Loei (Thailand) KU Be2, a HM217415 HM217544 HM217653
R3415 Berylmys bowersi Loei (Thailand) KU Be2, a HM217413 HM217542 HM217651
R5410 Berylmys bowersi Nan (Thailand) MahaU Be2, a HM217471 - HM217707
L0151 Berylmys bowersi Luang Prabang (LPDR) MahaU Be2, a HM217477 HM217491 HM217714
R3268 Berylmys bowersi Kanchanaburi (Thailand) KU Be2, b HM217412 HM217597 HM217650
R4098 Leopoldamys sabanus Loei (Thailand) CBGP L1 HM217439 HM217566 HM217676
R4222 Leopoldamys sabanus Loei (Thailand) MahaU L1 HM217444 HM217571 HM217681
R4296 Leopoldamys sabanus Phrae (Thailand) MahaU L1 HM217450 HM217577 HM217687
R4276 Leopoldamys sabanus Phrae (Thailand) CBGP L1 HM217449 HM217576 HM217686
R4370 Leopoldamys sabanus Phrae (Thailand) CBGP L1 HM217451 HM217578 HM217688
R3111 Leopoldamys sabanus Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   L3 HM217404 HM217534 HM217642
R3033 Leopoldamys sabanus Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   L3 HM217400 HM217531 HM217638
R4517 Leopoldamys neilli Loei (Thailand) MahaU L2 HM217462 HM217588 HM217699
R4527 Leopoldamys neilli Loei (Thailand) MahaU L2 HM217463 HM217590 HM217701
R4486 Leopoldamys neilli Phrae (Thailand) MahaU L2 HM217460 HM217586 HM217697
R4485 Leopoldamys neilli Phrae (Thailand) MahaU L2 HM217459 HM217585 HM217696
R3419 Leopoldamys sp. Loei (Thailand) KU L1 HM217414 HM217543 HM217652
R4723 Niviventer fulvescens Loei (Thailand) MahaU N1 HM217465 HM217591 HM217702
R3212 Niviventer fulvescens Kanchanaburi (Thailand) KU N2 HM217409 HM217539 HM217647
R4525 Niviventer sp. Loei (Thailand) MahaU N1 HM217464 HM217589 HM217700
R3427 Niviventer sp. Loei (Thailand) KU N1 HM217416 HM217545 HM217654
R3429 Niviventer sp. Loei (Thailand) KU N1 HM217417 HM217546 HM217655
R3459 Niviventer sp. Loei (Thailand) KU N1 HM217419 HM217548 HM217657
R4497 Niviventer sp. Phrae (Thailand) MahaU N1 HM217461 HM217587 HM217698
R3492 Niviventer sp. Loei (Thailand) KU N1 HM217422 HM217551 HM217660
R3077 Niviventer sp. Kanchanaburi (Thailand) MahiU N3 HM217402 - HM217640
R3795 Nu Deng* Khammouane (LPDR) MahiU N4 HM217433 HM217561 HM217670
R3796 Nu Deng* Khammouane (LPDR) MahiU N4 HM217434 HM217562 HM217671
R3118 Maxomys surifer Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   M1 HM217406 HM217536 HM217644
R3116 Maxomys surifer Kanchanaburi (Thailand)   M1 HM217405 HM217535 HM217643
R4223 Maxomys surifer Loei (Thailand) CBGP M2 HM217445 HM217572 HM217682
R3464 Maxomys surifer Loei (Thailand) KU M2 HM217420 HM217549 HM217658
MK0509 BZ02 Micromys minutus China CBGP Outgroup HM217360 HM217482 HM217598
MK0509 BZ07 Micromys minutus China CBGP Outgroup HM217361 HM217483 HM217599
  1. Field identifications were achieved based on morphological criteria according to [3335] and [11].
  2. "Phylogenetic species" relies on the DNA-based species delimitation method (see also Figure 3).
  3. Mismatches between field identifications and phylogenetic species are highlighted in bold and reflect the difficulty to identify rat species even for experts.
  4. "Nu deng*" was assigned to animal identified but impossible to assigned to a particular species; in Thai language, "red rat".
  5. "-" corresponds to missing data in the phylogenetic analyses.
  6. Voucher locations:
  7. CBGP: Centre de Biologie et de Gestion des Populations, Montpellier, France - curator of the collections, Y. Chaval, Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand - curator: W. Rerkamnuaychoke/MahiU: Mahidol University, Nakhon Pathom, Thailand - curator: V. Herbreteau, Mahasarakham University, Mahasarakham, Thailand - curator: S. Soonchan
  8. See Figure 1 for additional information about sample locations.