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Table 2 Species list for the additional species included in the new Orchidaceae dataset, with GenBank accession numbers.

From: Reassessing the temporal evolution of orchids with new fossils and a Bayesian relaxed clock, with implications for the diversification of the rare South American genus Hoffmannseggella(Orchidaceae: Epidendroideae)

Species rbcL matK
1. Agrostophyllum majus Hook. f. AF518054.1 AY368391.1
2. Anigozanthos flavidus DC. AJ404843.1 AB088796.1
3. Dendrobium crystallinum Rchb. f. D58407.1 AF445447.1
4. Dendrobium kingianum Bidwill ex Lindl. AF074146.1 AF263651.1
5. Dendrobium officinale Kimura & Migo FJ216567.1 FJ794044.1
6. Earina autumnalis Hook. f. AF074155.1 AF263656.1
7. Earina valida Rchb. f. AF518051.1 AY121741.1
8. Elaeis oleifera (Kunth) Cortés AY012509.1 EU016887.1
9. Musella lasiocarpa (Franch.) H.W.Li. AF243844.1 AF478909.1
10. Nypa fruticans Wurmb M81813.1 AF543743.1