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Table 4 Sequences used in this study

From: High amino acid diversity and positive selection at a putative coral immunity gene (tachylectin-2)

GenBank Acc. # Frequency Populations where present
FJ966794 3 NC
FJ966795 99 NC(21), GA(24), JAX(16), DAY(13), FtP(7), HSH(2), CFL(5), SAR(7), PAN(4)
FJ966802 16 NC(2), GA(2), DAY(4), SAR(8)
GQ917185 2 GA
FJ966742 2 GA
FJ966864 17 GA, FtP, HSH(2), SAR(2), PAN(11)
FJ966775 3 JAX
FJ966781 1 JAX
FJ966731 3 JAX, DAY, SAR
FJ966715 8 JAX, FtP(2), HSH(3), CFL, PAN
GQ917186 1 DAY
GQ917187 3 DAY(2), PAN
GU827980 1 DAY
FJ966724 1 DAY
FJ966729 2 DAY
FJ966733 2 DAY
FJ966730 7 DAY(2), FtP, HSH. SAR, PAN(2)
FJ966734 2 DAY, HSH
FJ966812 25 FtP(10), HSH(5), CFL(7), PAN(3)
GU827979 3 FtP, CFL, PAN
FJ966816 1 FtP
FJ966809 1 FtP
GQ917188 3 FtP, HSH, PAN
FJ966814 1 FtP
FJ966824 1 FtP
FJ966825 1 FtP
FJ966826 1 FtP
FJ966827 1 FtP
FJ966763 1 HSH
FJ966709 1 CFL
FJ966714 2 CFL
FJ966717 2 CFL
FJ966843 1 SAR
FJ966845 1 SAR
FJ966846 1 SAR
FJ966850 1 SAR
FJ966862 1 SAR
FJ966833 1 PAN
GU827978 1 PAN
*FJ966784 20 JR80
Total 244  
  1. Frequency indicates the number of allele copies encountered over a geographic survey of 244 alleles from 10 different populations [32]. * indicates the fixed allele from the deep water (80 m) population at Jeff's Reef (JR80). Locality abbreviations: NC (North Carolina), GA (Georgia), JAX (Jacksonville, Florida), DAY (Daytona Beach, Florida), FtP (Fort Pierce, Florida), HSH (Horseshoe Reef, Florida), CFL (Cape Florida), SAR (Sarasota, Florida), PAN (Panama City, Florida)