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Table 1 Anthozoan tachylectin-like sequences and their similarities to tachylectin-2 from Tachypleus tridentatus

From: High amino acid diversity and positive selection at a putative coral immunity gene (tachylectin-2)

Host species Accession Number sequence length (aa) % identity/similarity to Oculinasequence % identity/similarity to 1tl2 aa 54-140
Oculina varicosa FJ966784 92 100/100 60/68
Montastrea faveolata a FE038913 111 54/60 44/62
Acropora millepora b EZ038328 277 76/85 52/64
Nematostella vectensis c EDO38290 242 52/67 55/71
  1. aLocal alignment of M. faveolata is with 1tl2 aa 54-135.
  2. bLocal alignment of A. millepora with 1tl2 aa 54-140 is presented here, although the strongest alignment is with 1tl2 aa 7-95.
  3. cLocal alignment of N. vectensis is with 1tl2 aa 54-145.