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Table 1 The correlations between three topological centralities and the expression intensity, variation.

From: Genes encoding hub and bottleneck enzymes of the Arabidopsismetabolic network preferentially retain homeologs through whole genome duplication

  Max Intensity in developmental stages Max Intensity in shoot after stress Variation in developmental stages
  rho Q value# rho Q value rho Q value
In-degree 0.155 3.96E-04** 0.151 4.08E-04** 0.026 0.11
Out-degree 0.183 6.47E-05** 0.173 1.19E-04** 0.039 0.08
Betweenness 0.130 1.81E-03** 0.144 3.08E-04** 0.005 0.16
  1. # The q-values were obtained by the FDR correction of p values from spearman correlation analysis, 2-tailed.