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Table 1 Amino acid combinations at the protein protein interaction surface.

From: WD-repeat instability and diversification of the Podospora anserina hnwd non-self recognition gene family

A/      B/     
  Position   Position
  7 9 25 27   7 9 25 27
e1-1(snWD) S L N K r10-5(dWD) S S G D
e1-9(snWD) W H D H r11-2(dWD) S Y D D
e3-2(snWD) T W D K r11-3(dWD) S S G D
e5-2(gWD) S W S N r11-5(dWD) S S G D
e5-4(gWD) S W D H het-R-1 S Y G R
e6-3(gWD) R Q D K het-R-2 S Y V D
e7-7(gWD) W Q D K het-R-3 S Y G D
e9-5(dWD S W I D het-R-4 S S V R
het-E-1 S L D K het-R-5 S S V D
het-E-2 S W D K het-R-6 S S G R
het-E-3 R Q D H het-R-7 W Y G D
het-E-4 S L G K het-R-8 S S D D
het-E-5 S W G K het-R-9 L Y G D
het-E-6 S W D K het-R-10 S H V D
het-E-7 W Q D H het-R-11 S S V C
het-E-8 S W I G      
het-E-9 W H I G      
het-E-10 W Q S K      
het-E-11 W Q S N      
  1. The four amino acids at positions under selection in newly generated alleles (underlined) are amino acids found in the parental sequences (white boxes) for A/the het-E gene, and B/the het-R gene. Bolded pairs of amino acids were generated in the mutants. Repeats are named after their positions in the mutated alleles, the class of the corresponding mutant is indicated in brackets.