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Table 4 Duplication rates in Pancrustacea compared to other clades

From: Gene duplication and the origins of morphological complexity in pancrustacean eyes, a genomic approach

clade(s) compared to Pancrustacea p-values for significant difference in dataset gene duplication rates compared to Pancrustacea
  Eye duplications/total duplications (δ) Eye duplications/
genetic distance (ι)
Eye duplications/
molecular clock (μ)
  All Dev PT All Dev PT All Dev PT
Other protostomes 1.5e-11 .0102 1.47e-10 .0010 .5180 .0004 1.9e-9 .0381 8.2e-9
vertebrate 4.9e-6 .8741 2.52e-11 .4015 8.79e-5 .0080 1.00 .0016 .0010
  1. Bold = significantly more duplications in pancrustaceans
  2. Italics = significantly more duplications in non-arthropod clade