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Table 2 Schematic overview of the effects of SR genes at conception

From: Rainfall-driven sex-ratio genes in African buffalo suggested by correlations between Y-chromosomal haplotype frequencies and foetal sex ratio

  Wet periods (cohorts) Dry periods (cohorts)
Body condition and semen quality (population mean) High Low
SR-distorter carrier (112) SR distorter activity
♂-biased sex ratio
Low fertility
SR-suppressor carrier (557) Low fertility SR suppressor activity
1:1 sex ratio1
Wild-type (not 112 or 557) 1:1 sex ratio ♀-biased sex ratio2
Frequency haplotype 112 ↑ (SR distorter activity) ↓ (low fertility 112-carriers)
Frequency haplotype 557 ↓ (low fertility 557-carriers) ↑ (SR suppressor activity)
Frequency other haplotypes
Population sex ratio ♂-biased ♀-biased
  1. 1: Suppressing a hypothesised X-chromosomal SR distorter
  2. 2: ♀-biased due to a hypothesised X-chromosomal SR distorter
  3. ↑: Increasing haplotype frequency
  4. ↓: Decreasing haplotype frequency
  5. ↔: Stable haplotype frequency