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Table 1 Summary of mammalian taxonomic terms based on Fig. 1 [2, 4], updating references given in [5] with corrections denoted by asterisks.

From: Nomenclature and placental mammal phylogeny

Taxon with priority Content Synonyms
Placentalia[70] All descendants of last common ancestor of sloth, tenrec, human, horse  
Atlantogenata[17] Xenarthra, Afrotheria Xenafrotheria[49]
Afrotheria[19] Paenungulata, Afroinsectiphilia Afroplacentalia[16]
Afroinsectiphilia[31] Tubulidentata, Afroinsectivora Fossoromorpha [[71]*]
Afroinsectivora[31] Tenrecoidea, Macroscelididae Haemochorialia[33]
Tenrecoidea[27] Tenrecidae, Chrysochloridae Afrosoricida[19]
Paenungulata[8] Hyracoidea, Tethytheria Uranotheria[9]
Tethytheria[22] Proboscidea, Sirenia  
Boreoeutheria [[72]*] Laurasiatheria, Euarchontoglires Boreotheria[31]
Laurasiatheria[17] Lipotyphla, Scrotifera Laurasiaplacentalia[16]
Scrotifera[17] Ferae, Chiroptera, Euungulata Variamana [[71]*]
Euungulata[31] Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla  
Artiodactyla [[73]*] Whippomorpha, Ruminantia, Tylopoda, Suiformes Cetartiodactyla[35]
Ferae [9] Carnivora, Pholidota Ostentoria[74]
Whippomorpha[17] Cetacea, Hippopotamidae Cetancodonta[78]
Lipotyphla[75] Erinaceidae, Talpidae, Soricidae, Solenodontidae Eulipotyphla[17]
Euarchontoglires[1] Archonta, Glires Archontoglires[16]
Glires[76] Lagomorpha, Rodentia  
Archonta[21] Primates, Scandentia, Dermoptera Euarchonta[17]
Sundatheria[32] Scandentia, Dermoptera Paraprimates[33]
  1. Author attributions are based on the first use of the clade with its current, or near-current, meaning. For example, Butler [77] used "Tenrecomorpha" but did not include chrysochlorids. In contrast, Arnason et al. [78] used this term to indicate the tenrec-golden mole clade as it is currently-understood and are therefore cited as the authors for that term as a junior synonym of the name with precedence, Tenrecoidea McDowell 1958 [27]. Some additional clades apparent in recent studies [e.g., [29, 30]], but not reflected in the summary topology of Fig. 1, are listed in Table 2. Note that several names identified as crown-level synonyms (e.g., Uranotheria, Eparctocyona) remain potentially useful as stem counterparts to the accepted crown taxa.